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​What Is A Munch And Why You Should Go To One



Hey, gals! Curious about BDSM but don’t exactly know where to start? A munch is where you need to be.

A munch is basically a casual social get-together of BDSM practitioners. This is usually done in a public place like a restaurant or a cafe. It’s basically a way of getting to know the people in your local BDSM community face-to-face and in person, in a safe, public environment. Nothing kinky happens at a munch, mind you, so don’t show up in nothing but a collar! A munch is mainly good food and good conversation.


BDSM munches are hosted fairly regularly, usually at the same time and at the same place each month. BDSM newbies are encouraged to attend munches before attending play parties in the interest of everybody’s safety and well-being. Some BDSM communities require attendance to a certain number of munches first before sending out invitations to a play party.

Munches are a great place to learn more about BDSM from some real-life people who actually engage in it. Ask questions about the practice and the lifestyle, someone at the munch will most likely have an answer for you. Finding people with like-minded interests is always fantastic, so it’s definitely a nice way to make more fun and sexy friends.

The best place to find a munch near you – yes, there are active BDSM communities in the Philippines! – is through FetLife. FetLife is basically Facebook for kinky people. Sign up for an account, run a search on your country or city, and browse around. Have fun, gals!

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