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​7 Perks of A Long Distance Relationship



Hey, gals! We all know that long distance relationships are difficult. That’s all everyone talks about. We, however, think LDRs get too much of a bad rep. Like anything in life, there are bound to be downsides but there are also upsides as well. Upsides to a long distance relationship? Definitely! Here are seven reasons why.

1. Communication becomes more valuable.

You two are great at keeping in touch. You send each other selfies and pictures of food and update each other promptly.


2. When you talk, it’s only about the good and meaningful stuff.

There’s no space for pointless small talk in your Skype sessions. You two don’t waste time with awkward silences.

3. Distance is a great trust exercise.

You know it won’t do to be paranoid all the time, so you teach yourself the healthy, grown-up way of dealing with jealousy and learn how to trust your partner more.


4. Being in an LDR gives you the perks of a relationship with the independence of singlehood.

Some people tend to lose themselves in their relationships. You don’t. You know how to balance your relationship with your life.

5. You don’t have to shave so often!

You save sooo much money on razors and waxing salons.

6. Every gesture is extremely romantic.

Themed care packages, handwritten letters, matching couple things… Nobody does that kind of thing anymore, but you do!


7. When you see each other again, it’s all worth it.

That moment of finally reuniting in person is magic unlike any other.


Celebrate your relationships, gals! You got it good!

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