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About Us

Where are we based? 

PartyGal Lingerie Co. is an SEC-registered ONLINE SHOP for SEXY ITEMS based in Manila, Philippines. We can ship worldwide! You can also fit items in our Quezon City location

Celebrities wear PartyGal!


What makes a PartyGal?

A PartyGal decides that she is sexy, no matter what her body size is.

A PartyGal is proud of her body and unafraid to wear what she wants to wear.

A PartyGal believes that it's fun to be sexy!

Who are we and what do we offer?

We offer intimates and lingerie to encourage gals like you to feel confident with your body! By wearing our collections,  we want you to empower yourselves by believing that it's fun to be sexy.

Fun Facts About Us: 

  • PartyGal Lingerie started as a sexy costumes shop in 2010, and was featured by a number of top blogs (Kryz Uy, AskMeWhats, Purple Pieces, and more!)

  • Fast forward to today, and we now offer a wide range of lingerie and costumes and have reached customers as far as Singapore, HK, and the US!
  • 2011 marked a milestone for us when PartyGal Lingerie was first seen on FHM Philippines

Read the PartyGal Guarantee

Our Satisfaction Guarantee 

We've got an iron-clad guarantee: We ship all items in excellent condition, and should it be otherwise, we will gladly refund you!

We know that shopping online can be a challenge sometimes, so we've made it easier for you... At PartyGal Lingerie, our customers come first. 


Meet the Gals!

Carmela, Co-Founder and Partner

A perky, free-spirited gal living an exciting double life: consultant for a top global software company and a founding partner for a kickass lingerie business. Consumed by wanderlust, she looks forward to living in a suitcase for a year or two. Loves the sun, the water and the outdoors. Still grieving over Adam Levine's engagement, a chunk of chocolate bar is included in her daily diet. 
carmela.jpgGet to know Carmela:  
1) Who is the sexiest man alive?
It's heartbreaking to choose just 1, so let me name my top 3: Ryan Gosling, Ian Somerhalder and Adam Levine.
2) Describe your sexiest outfit. 
Outside the bedroom: White shirt and jeans during the day; a backless black dress at night
Inside the bedroom: black lace chemise from our Playtime Collection, and a bodystocking of oozing SELF-CONFIDENCE!
3) What's your killer move?
I flip my long messy hair to one side, look over my shoulder and dance! 
4) What turns you on?
The right man cologne, a good conversation and a tall lean body frame. Also, a good bottle of wine and Coldplay in the background turn the sexy on!
5) Sexiest words a guy said to you?
"You're the smartest girl I know."  Yihaaa! Smart is the New Sexy!
Jomie, Co-Founder and Partner

A dorky internet addict with the purpose of one day joining Forbes' Richest 100 List. She works as an internet marketer and manages a number of businesses on the side. A girly girl, Jomie does not own a single pair of pants and lives on skirts and dresses. She also believes that life is incomplete without cake and milk tea.

Get to know Jomie:

jomie.jpg1) Who is the sexiest man alive?
My long-time boyfriend and live-in partner of 7 years (cheesy much? haha) Then Chris Hemsworth. Coz he's Thor.

2) Describe your sexiest outfit.
Outside the bedroom: a cream minidress that's reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn's famous black dress. I love classic looks.
Inside the bedroom: A french maid costume from our Playtime Costumes collection (I won't say which one!)

3) What's your killer move?
I smile. The genuine kinda smile that reaches the eyes. Most of the time, that's really all a girl needs - a warm, friendly smile.

4) What turns you on?
A guy who's passionate about music. There's just really something sexy about guys who make music.

5) Sexiest words a guy said to you?
"Mas sexy ka pa kay Angel Locsin." .... BOOM! I love my man :)


 Mavic, Partner

Underneath that cool, level-headed and serious PR manager is your quirky down-to-earth girl-next-door. They say that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. But Mavic knows how to sneak a little play in between all the work. She exudes that subtle sex appeal without trying too hard and carriers herself well under fire, which is why she is so smokin’.

Boys come and go, but food will always be her first love. Her two must-haves? Good books and chocolates. She is, in her own sense, the epitome of geeky-sexy.

mavic.jpgGet to know Mavic:

1) Who is the sexiest man alive? 
Bryan Greenberg is the sexiest and hottest man on Earth, literally. He has this great body and mind, knowing what he wants. And, he also played Jake Jagielski in One Tree Hill where he was a father and guys who have a sense of responsibility are the ultimate sexy.

2) Describe your sexiest outfit. 
Outside the bedroom: Plain top, short shorts and slippers = laid-back and comfy!

Inside the bedroom: One of those sexy black chemises we have in our Playtime Babydolls and Chemise collection. Yep, black really does the magic for me. 

3) What's your killer move?
I’ve got this sexy stare that I use whenever I’m interested in something.. or someone. So watch out!

4) What turns you on?
I love a man who knows how to cook. Seeing him in the kitchen is just beyond sexy and delish!
Great humor, wit and class are also a plus!

5) Sexiest words a guy said to you?
“You look really good when you’re stressed.” Yep, a man knows what to say to make you feel uber sexxaaaay even during your worst moments!


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